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Any damage to someone’s physical body, mind, or emotions is personal injury. A catastrophic personal injury is another type and a different case. This results in challenges you deal with for the rest of your life. Moreover, you experience minor to moderate wounds from a personal injury. That said, a catastrophic injury can have a devastating impact on your life. It covers the total expenses, the damages incurred, and the scope of therapy. Now, if you want to know whether you qualify for this type of claim, consider the following examples:

  • Injuries tend to mend longer
  • The damages cause permanent injury or disability
  • Long-term hospitalizations, comas, or the inability to communicate
  • Loss of hearing and sight
  • Personal trauma
  • Long-term care and support
  • Inability to work

Let us first understand the difference between catastrophic and personal injury cases. There are four things to remember. First on the list is the recovery time. The second is the inflicted trauma of the injury. The need for legal counsel is the third. Lastly, there is the statute of limitations.

The Recovering Time

It takes time for people to heal after sustaining injuries. Additionally, your recovery time depends on the trauma your body experiences. Less severe cases like physical injuries can heal within weeks, months, or years. More so, there will be an extension or suspension of the statute of limitations for these cases.

The Inflicted Trauma of the Injury

Another difference is in the level of trauma experienced. For instance, severe injuries need therapy, counseling, medication, and support to restore health. You can resume normal activities with proper treatment. On the other hand, intentional harm may take you months or years to engage in daily life again. The court may need more requirements because of this.

The Need for a Legal Counsel

In some cases, your needs might be different. An example is being unable to complete daily tasks. Thus, treatment is necessary if you want to recover. Your case may then take another legal course. Some victims fall into a coma. When this happens, the demand for legal counsel rises. In this instance, family members usually step in to proceed with the case.

Statute of Limitations

Some severe injuries take time to manifest. Examples of these are emotional and personal traumas. You usually have a year or two from the incident to make a claim. A proven delayed diagnosis can grant an extension. But you must note that each case has requirements that may lift time constraints.

The Compensation Differences

Catastrophic injuries are complex. Thus, there are many future challenges to consider. Physical harm can change your life in different ways. Receiving help from an attorney is crucial to getting the justice you deserve.

Catastrophic Injury Damages

You need support from your family if you have severe injuries. Hence, insurance providers must repay your damages and provide for you. You may suffer permanent losses and disabilities. Therefore, your injury claim should support your medical and long-term needs.

On the plus side, a damage grant can help. It covers the cost of your care providers and medical expenses. Plus, it also compensates you and your family for lost wages. Moreover, it covers emotional suffering, physical discomfort, and lost enjoyment. Based on prior cases, lawyers and courts estimate the value of these losses.

The Bottom Line

It is challenging to win a catastrophic injury case. However, it is possible. Most importantly, the resolution will indicate if the family has to endure hardship for the rest of their lives. In sum, the amount of money you receive should be enough to cover your financial damages. It has to compensate for your injuries. Therefore, you will need an attorney to fight for you and the losses you will need to pay for your care for the rest of your life.

We at Viciti Law are more than a law firm. We are advocates for the injured and harmed. Seeking justice and fair compensation for injuries is what we do. We have the expertise to assess your case and fight for your best interests. In other words, we will not be satisfied until you are. At the end of the day, we are here to reach solutions that work for you. Let us make things right for you. Do you need legal assistance? Contact us today and schedule a free consultation.